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      Shenzhen Ruibu Tech Co., Ltd. is a high technology enterprise engaging in research, production, sales and after saleservices for a wide range of LED aviation obstruction light, LED navigation lights of heliport and navigation lights of civil airports. We are a domestic market leader in the field of navigation lights and a supporter of green andsafe emissions. Our products are widely used in civil airports, helipads,communication towers, factory, power plant chimneys, port, bridges, andhigh-rise buildings etc.

      Shenzhen RuibuTech Co. Ltd. with its predecessor Shenzhen HuaGuangFa Aviation Light Co. Ltd.was founded in 1995 and is the first enterprise in China to gain the Civil Aviation Special Vehicle and Ground Special Equipment Production Licenseawarded by CAAC (General Administration of Civil Aviation of China) for itsaviation obstruction light.

      All our products meet the stringent standards that is required by CAAC and obtained the relevant Civil Airport Special Equipment Using Permit. All our products are designed and manufactured strictly according to ICAO Standards. A significantpercentage of our products have also obtained international certificates suchas RoHS, CE, FCC and we are proud to have served customers from all across theworld.

      For 22 years,Ruibu accumulated much experience in research and development, production,marketing and application of aviation obstruction lights. We have a strongcorporate identity and management team with ISO certification. Our team ofexperienced software and hardware engineers and researchers as well asmarketing talents strives to provide the best before and after sales servicewhile delivering high quality and reliable products for all our customers.Through 22 years of constant innovation and improvement and through theconcerted effort and support of our domestic and international businesspartners, Ruibu’s “HGF” and “CAE” product lines have become top-ranking brandsin the field of domestic aviation lights market.

      Our corporatemotto is “Technology-Oriented, Innovation Blazed, People-Oriented, Harmony &Win-Win”.We strive to make green and environmental friendly aviation lights as ourmission. We take advantage of our superior technology and innovations to makegreen and energy-saving LED aviation obstruction light replacing thetraditional xenon tube lights. Our aim is manufacturing the world’s bestnavigation light. We are also willing to seek more partners to expand ourdomestic and global market share.