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      Aviation lights set


      Aviation lights of theaviation obstruction light again, it is short for aviation obstruction light.Aviationlights, most set up near the airport or city high up in the air through thelight to identify obstacles visual width and high, however, so as to giveguidance of aviation aircraft flying safety.
      Aviationlights set is aviation obstruction light Settings, and it takes in accordancewith the relevant rules in the air of the lamp decorate.A how many aviation obstacles need to install thelamp, the same level how many aviation lights need to install, how high leveland how to install the air light, these are all must be strictly in accordancewith the relevant civil aviation specification for aviation lights setinstallation.
      Inorder to identify obstacles overall outline, therefore, at the time of set upaviation lights, marking out the obstacles to the highest and most wide, andthe location of the installation must ensure that all important bearing block,maintain the normal light of lamps and lanterns can be seen by the pilot.But do not make light pollution.
      Aviationlights on the basis of the installation height difference, respectively, can bedivided into strong specular aviation lights, light intensity in the aviationlights and low light intensity aviation lights of the three.Each level respectively installed collocation forinstallation of lamps and lanterns.Eachkind of lamp luminous intensity, whether flash, flash frequency, emitting lightcolors, and so on are all must conform to the corresponding civil aviationrelated specification about aviation obstruction light.
      Shenzhen ruibu technology co., LTD., leading thedevelopment of China's aviation lights, focus on research and developmentproduction and sales of aviation lamp has a history of 20 years, the company'sexisting plant 1500 square meters of entities, products agency testing certificate.Do the most professional aviation lights, wespeak of only themselves, we are the ruibu.

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