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      Aviation obstruction lightillumination


      Must be used in the low lightintensity, light intensity or highlights strong obstacle lamp or theircombination to indicate lighting objects shall be specified in 6.1.Adopting the combination of different height canbe reference for the follow-up of this description
      Note -highlights strong obstacle lamp is going to use no matter in the day or night.Need to pay attention to ensure that its lightdoes not cause uncomfortable glare.Abouthighlights strong obstruction light design, positioning and operation guidancematerials meet the airport design manual"
      Advice- not too much higher than that of surrounding ground less than 45 mapplication object type A or type B low light intensity obstacle lamp lighting.
      Advice- in the use of type A or type B low light intensity obstacle lights may beinsufficient or need A special warning ahead of time
      ,should be used in strong light or strong specular obstacle lights.The more important occasions - 174 - need toimprove level
      Inaddition to the aircraft, which must be set in vehicles and moving object typeC low light intensity obstacle lights.
      Mustbe set on the "follow me" the vehicle type D low light intensityobstacle lights.
      Advice- B type low light intensity obstacle lights should be used alone or in 6.3.7and intensity obstacle lamp combination in type B.
      Advice- big or around above the ground is more than 45 m application object type A,type B, or C light intensity obstacle lamp lighting.Type Aand type C in light intensity obstacle lights should be used alone, and lightintensity in type B obstacle lamp should be used alone or with type B s lowlight intensity obstacle lamp combination.

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