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      Aviation obstruction lightsmall knowledge of choose and buy


      Aviation obstruction light ofchoose and buy small knowledge editor - shenzhen reebok technology co., LTD.
      Aviationobstruction light is installed on the obstacles (both artificial and natural,as long as the aviation research has shown that may affect normal aviationaircraft flight safety), indicate the obstacles of visual width, high visualspecial lighting lamps and lanterns.Differentfrom the airport special lamps and lanterns of navigation and maritime buoyagededicated beacons lamps and lanterns.Aviationobstruction light more application in the city buildings, chimney, tower,overhead wires, etc.
      Aviationobstruction light as obscure special lighting lamps and lanterns, in the chooseand buy when, need to be consider from the following aspects:
      1. Thebarrier height: the installation height of aviation obstruction light accordingto the different divided into three kinds, in turn, is strong specular aviationobstruction light (applicable to 150 meters or above), light intensity in theaviation obstruction light (45 meters to 150) and low light intensity aviationobstruction light (45 meters).Accordingto the height of the barrier, first determine the type of good general aviationobstruction light.
      2. Thechoice of the ways of power supply: aviation obstruction light withconventional power and solar power.Wiringon the obstacle lamp installation environment vulnerability to choose, solarpower wiring difficult way refers to the installation environment or wiringunder the condition of use, and to avoid high temperature working environment.
      3. Thelight source: civil aviation obstruction light light blinking and the relevantspecifications have clear requirements stipulated by the light intensity.On the premise of no ambient light pollutioncaused by, choose to comply with relevant regulations of aviation obstructionlight.
      4. Themounting bracket: different aviation obstruction light of mounting bracket isdifferent, combined with the specific installation environment, installationsupport you may need to special design and customization.
      5. Thecontrol mode: at present, the aviation obstruction light control mode isdivided into control cabinet control, advocate the lamp with light and GPScontrol three.Clear installationenvironment can support and apply control mode to assist the choose and buy ofobstacle lights.
      Aviation obstruction light knowledge of choose and buy small make up can only beintroduced to here, after all, each of the design of the aviation obstructionlight installation requirements are different, these are matters that shouldpay attention to general aviation obstacle lights when the choose and buy.

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