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      The reebok technology ofobstacle lamp manufacturer


      Aviation obstruction lightmanufacturer of shenzhen reebok technology co., LTD
      Obstaclelamp is installed on the air studies have shown that can hinder or harm to theaviation aircraft flying normal safe landing above obstacles, relying on therelated color lamps and lanterns and flash frequency special lamps and lanternsof civil airport play a warning role.Differentfrom other household lamps and lanterns, the installation of lamps and lanternsto relevant institutions to install construction qualification, acceptancerequires by local inspection organizations related to civil aviationobstruction light work certificates of qualification examination and approvalfor acceptance.
      As aresult, a formal manufacturers, products need to pass the selection of rawmaterials, the production of strictly controlled production process, and thesubsequent product inspection items completed to sale on the market.Of course, there are also some individuals ororganizations, stealing and using normal manufacturer brand products, theseoften has no formal production workshop and professional and technicalpersonnel, the lack of choose and buy some screening of raw materials,production of lamps and lanterns does not have qualification certification ofcivil aviation, subsequent product after-sales cannot get treatment and so oncharacteristics.
      Shenzhenobstruction light manufacturer - shenzhen reebok technology co., LTD.,professional airfield led lamps and lanterns, has 20 years of developmenthistory, is committed to contributing to the development of China's light.
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