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      About for the aviationobstruction light (revised draft) "three industry standards such asopinions of notice


      Civil aviation administration of each area, each airport company,each about airport equipment inspection institutions, production enterprises:
      Ourorganization for the aviation obstruction light (MH/T 6012-1999), the lightisolation transformer (MH/T 6008-6008) and the light cable plug and socket(MH/T 6009-1999) and other three industry standard was revised, formed therevised draft, solicit the opinions.Pleasecarefully study various units, and in August 2015 to 10 will be writtenfeedback drawing board.
      Aviationobstruction light to formulate the relevant industry standards, shenzhen reeboktechnology co., LTD is a professional development/production/sales of aviationobstruction light high-tech manufacturer, focus on aviation obstruction lightnew standard specification.

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