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      1. control and connection
      ZH-800 series of aviation obstruction lights have two kinds of control mode; single flash or centralized combined flash control. Lian flash control signal line synchronous control; control mode can adopt main lamp control or control mode.

      2. Unit flash lamp is  synchronous or not:
      A, our products are used in power supply voltage signal control for synchronous (conventional products for the signal line and the power line is integrated in a cable), such as the emergence of this fault during power line in the same system all lamps and signal lines connected with the color, otherwise it may cause the lamp work is not normal.
      B, monitoring lamp power line and signal line separate power supply connection, each lamp can be connected, the power supply is normal, please check whether all the signal line for the same color.
      C, excluding the above after the check signal cable to the existence of a short circuit or leakage phenomenon.

      3.  light control switch is normal or not:
      A, daytime lighting work: please check the optical probe is blocked or covered with dust.Do not work 

      B, lamps and lanterns at night: please check the optical probe whether the effect of light to direct sunlight or strong reflection.

      C, the fixture test: more customers in the daytime testing optical switch whether action often use the finger or the palm of the test block the sun, but the sun radiation is stronger, the human hand has certain through the strong sunlight, so in this operation is not the action of light switch, the correct method is the black plastic tape a fully opaque above 3 closed optical probe test.